Please visit Monk Design (Patrick Monkel) and check out my current portfolio. This website won't be updated anymore and will be closed in the next couple of months.

Monk Design is the small studio of freelance graphic designer Patrick Monkel, based in Culemborg, The Netherlands.

Almost 7 years ago I graduated in Multimedia Engineering in Amsterdam and work in the design industry ever since. After working for various studios, I decided to follow my heart and to work as a full-time freelancer designer. I had the pleasure of producing digital art, print and online environments for a diverse array of companies and publications worldwide. I did this for clients such as Dunlop, Tribal DDB, Nationale Nederlanden, Philips and Computer Arts.

It's all about...

Passion is the word for me when it comes to design. I love all kinds of design and (digital) art. In my daily work I try to keep evolving my style and am eager to learn about new things. I think it's good to switch lanes / try new things once in a while. This keeps my job interesting and above all: fresh and inspiring.

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So, what can i do for you?

I can help you out on a various range of design work. That includes graphic design (album art, posters e.g.), webdesign, branding and digital art. If you have any questions regarding my work, feel free to contact me.

Work featured on...

  • Advanced Photoshop
  • Photoshop Creative
  • Semi Permanent
  • Computer Arts
  • Various design blogs